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A week of Leadership?

by Jackie Pearcey on March 30, 2012

All three main party leaders have been busy this week. Ed Milliband was busy leading his MPs through the lobbies in Parliament to try to keep child benefit for those earning more that £1,200 per week, voted to oppose raising the lower tax threshold to over £9,000 and abstained on the plans to cut the […]

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Labour’s sums don’t add up

by Jackie Pearcey on February 14, 2012

My colleague Simon Wheale has done some interesting work around yesterday’s lurid headlines in the Manchester Evening News about the “shock” £80 million further cuts required. It was a surprise to those of us who’d read the Council’s financial situation, as the Council was ahead of schedule on the current year’s savings and next year’s […]

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Oppressed by Council Prayers? Get real!

by Jackie Pearcey on February 10, 2012

It’s very easy for people to claim oppression when something happens that they don’t agree with, but at a full Council meeting in Manchester the level of oppression I experience when the guest Chaplain is urging us to debate for the good of the City and exercise free speech is nothing compared with the baying […]

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Hitting the Homeless

by Jackie Pearcey on February 6, 2012

Labour have tried to sneak in a particularly nasty attempt to hit homeless people in Manchester, without referring it to the Council. They want to start charging homeless families for storing their goods while they are waiting to be rehoused. Now most families who become homeless tend not to be in the best financial shape, […]

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Treating benefits claimants as adults

by Jackie Pearcey on January 24, 2012

The current debate raging about welfare benefits caps throws into sharp relief how benefits claimants are expected to behave compared with non-claimants. Take for instance a person supporting their family on a wage of about £35,000, which is approx. £26,000 after tax. From that they are expected to pay for accommodation, food, necessities and the […]

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Labour call to scrap the pupil premium

by Jackie Pearcey on December 7, 2011

At full Council today, I was taken aback by Labour’s amendment which called upon the government to “scrap the sham pupil premium”.  Now there is only one pupil premium which this year has delivered over £10 million to Manchester’s schools targeted at those in most need and which will be doubled next year to over […]

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A tale of two pensions

by Jackie Pearcey on December 1, 2011

In the light of the public sector strike yesterday regarding pensions, I found it interesting to compare my pensions. Since I started working, I have been paying rather more than the minimum percentage of my wages into a private pension scheme.  This is money which frankly in the last few years I’d rather have had at […]

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Christmas is on its way

by Jackie Pearcey on November 30, 2011

Christmas is coming and on Thursday 1st December there will be the official Christmas lights switch-on for Gorton.  This will take place in Tesco car park from 5:30 onwards.  There will be stalls, entertainment and the tree.  All welcome.

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Labour’s voodoo economics

by Jackie Pearcey on November 25, 2011

After 18 months of complaining that the coalition is cutting “too far, too fast” we now have the Labour Leader complaining that by 2015 there’ll still be a huge deficit and the Government should do more to get rid of it. Of course, by 2015 the deficit will only be down to 2008 levels, at […]

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Milking the cash cow

by Jackie Pearcey on November 7, 2011

It looks like Manchester’s Labour Council’s new car parking fees managed to catch out over 300 motorists on the first Sunday when they were implemented.  This measure was never a cost-saver and the Council chose to ignore all of the City Centre residents and businesses who pointed out that the new charging scheme would deter […]

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